Classes FAQ
Where are classes held?
The City of Yuma Parks and Recreation Classes taught by Raven(Shel) are held at the North End Community Center, 160 E 1st Street.
The AWC Classes taught by Angie are held at the Tamarack Center, 7875 E 24th Street, across from the AWC campus.
What do classes cost?
The City of Yuma Parks and Recreation Classes are 17.00 per session if you live in the city, 26.00 if you live in the county or you can pay a drop in fee of 4.00 per class.
The AWC Classes cost 74.00 per session and count as a class credit.
How long is a class session?
The City of Yuma Parks and Recreation Class sessions are 8 weeks long with one hour and a half long class per week, except the Monday night class which is 7 weeks long with one hour and forty-five minute long class per week.
The AWC Class sessions are 8 weeks long and are two one hour and fifiteen minute class per week.
How do I register for classes?
The City of Yuma Parks and Recreation Classes can be registered for in person at the Main Office at One City Plaza or over the phone at 373-5238. You can also register with the instructor at your first class.
The AWC Classes can be registered for through the AWC Class registration system. You can also call 366-4964 for more information.
What should I wear for classes?
For both the City of Yuma Parks and Recreation Classes and the AWC classes the instructors recommend you wear comfortable, easy to move in clothing such as yoga pants, leggings, tank tops, t-shirts or sports tops. You are welcome to dance in soft soles dance shoes, socks or barefoot. Hip scarves are welcome to be worn but not required. We also recommend that you bring a water bottle with you.
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