Frequently Asked Questions

What is Classic Oriental Dance?
Classic Oriental dance is a term used to describe traditional bellydance performances. Performances can include improvised and choreographed pieces as well as traditional props.

What is American Tribal Style?
American Tribal Style often known as ATS is an improvisational style of dance where the dancers create the dance via improvisation on the spot through a series of cues built into the movements.

What is Tribal Fusion/Fusion Style?
Tribal Fusion/Fusion style is a modern style of bellydance that often fuses other styles of dance together with traditional bellydance. Hallmarks of this style can include alternative music and non-traditional props.

How do I book a show?
Check out our booking page for information on how to book a show and the variety of shows and workshops we offer.

Where can I take classes?
Check out our calendar for current class information.